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Introducing the newly redesigned Tempo 2+2. Transport guests around your resort, college, or corporate campus in style without compromising on price, comfort or quality.

Built with proven engineering, industry-leading durability, and realible comfort, Tempo showcases the best that Club Car has to offer, for the golfer and the course. The connected technology provides you the flexibility to monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere on the course.

2018 Golf Digest's Editor's Choice award winner.

Club Car Tempo

Precedent i2 Excel

The most technologically advanced golf car ever built, the stylish Precedent i2 comes equipped with the innovative Excel Drive System.

  • (6) 8-volt battery, 48-volt powerplant is the most robust in the industry
  • 360 degree bumper
  • The industry's tightest clearance circle provides superior maneuverability.
  • Molded-in body color - no clear coat or paint to worry about.
  • SportDrive Steering and Suspension
  • Maximum speed of 15 mph (24.1 kph)
  • Rustproof Aluminum Frame

Precedent i2

Precedent i3

As connectivity affects every aspect of our lives, who else but Club Car could pioneer its integration into golf cars? A solutions platform that is expandable and customizable according to your preferences, connectivity is engineered directly into the Precedent i3. You decide how many of the connected features you want to add to your fleet-from simple diagnostics, all the way up to Visage (click for more info), our premier suite of connected features. In the Age of Connectivity, this cloud-based system lets you connect any time, anywhere from your computer or mobile device and always know what your customer wants, what your fleet needs and what's happening out on your course. With this information, you'll enjoy an unprecedented measure of control over your fleet, maintenance and operation. And you know where that leads: Success.

Precedent i3

Precedent 4 Fun

Precedent 4Fun was developed in conjunction with the PGA of America's Get Golf Ready program, an initiative designed to attract new people to the sport and formers golfers back to the sport.

  • Four, forward-facing seats
  • Four-bag attachment
  • Eight cup holders
  • 3.7 hp IQ Plus motor
  • 350 amp controller
  • Enhanced rear-wheel drum brakes
  • Stretched Monsoon Top
  • Standard Precedent warranty

Turf 2 Utility Vehicle

New Redesigned Carryalls

Best-in-class EFI powertrain: The vehicle's 14-hp rated Subaru overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection improves fuel efficiency as much as 50 percent. It also has a filter-less oil system, an optional limited slip differential for improved traction, and a side fuel tank. Beat that!

Improved charging. The industry's only standard on-board high-efficiency charger with cord retractor. This new system operates on voltages around the globe, and tolerates voltage swings that would shut down lesser chargers. The Carryall 300 features E.R.I.C., a solid-state, high frequency charger that boost charging efficiency by 10 percent and can be field-programmed through a USB port.

More durable than steel. Carryalls are built on Club Car's exclusive lightweight, rustproof, air-craft-grade aluminum frame that's designed to be stronger than steel. Unlike competitive steel frames, it resists corrosion and retains resale value.

Fit-to-task utility. A one-of-a-kind bed box with an integrated track-based attachment system, optional tool holders, bed dividers and cargo tie downs increases versatility and saves floor space. So you can do more with less.

Improved ergonomics: Cockpit style interiors with restyled hip restraints make the vehicles easier to enter and exit. An ergonomic dash puts the key switch, shifter and gauges at the driver's fingertips. The best warranty in the industry. The industries longest standard battery, powertrain and bumper to bumper warranty.

Carryall 300

  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 800 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 300 lb.
  • Towing Capacity 800 lb.
  • Six (6) - 8 V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Bed 35.3 x 49.8 x 10.5 in.
  • Speed 15-17 mph

Carry All 300 Utility Cart

Carryall 500

  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 1200 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 800 lb.
  • Towing Capacity 1200 lb.
  • Eight (8) - 6 V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Bed 46.3 x 49.8 x 10.5 in.
  • Speed 15-17 mph

Carry All 500

Carryall 550

  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 900 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 500 lb.
  • Towing Capacity 900 lb.
  • Eight (8) - 6 V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Bed 46.3 x 49.8 x 10.5 in.
  • Speed 15-17 mph

Turf 6 Utility Vehicle

Carryall 700

  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 1500 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 800 lb.
  • Towing Capacity 1200 lb.
  • Eight (8) - 6 V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Bed 67.6 x 49.8 x 10.5 in.
  • Speed 15-17 mph

CarryAll 295 Utility Cart


Features. New modern design features lightweight aluminum structure as well as increased versatility and capacity. Improved user ergonomics and flexibility in food and beverage merchandising. New optimized design improves beverage can capacity by 8%, and consumable ice capacity by an amazing 120%.

  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 850 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 450 lb.
  • Speed 12-14 mph

Turf 6 Utility Vehicle


  • 4 Passenger forward facing with cargo box
  • Total vehicle payload capacity of 1500 lb.
  • Bed Load Capacity 300 lb.
  • Towing Capacity 1500 lb.
  • Eight (8) - 6 V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Bed 35.3 x 49.8 x 10.5 in.
  • Speed 15-17 mph

Villager 6

HUNT-Ve Switchback 4x4

Finally, a hybrid electric that really works! Introducing the Switchback 4x4 by HuntVe. Now the range barrier is broken for those who find the most benefit from no smell, no sound and the smooth power of an electric powered UTV.

  • Electric / Gasoline 4x4 capability with 100+ mile range
  • Super ride 4-wheel double wishbone suspension
  • 300cc OHV 4-cycle run quiet imbedded generator
  • Heavy duty battery pack for 20+ miles of all electric performance
  • 38HP dual direct drive motors
  • Sealed motor and electronics for performance in wet environments
  • 4 person capacity with rear versatile cargo deck

HuntVe Switchback gasoline electric hybrid

HUNT-Ve Game Changer

The world's most serious electric 4x4 UTV, the HuntVe 4x4 Game Changer is unmatched in power, traction, and standard options. The handling and driving experience is unrivalled. Able to haul with plenty of room for cargo, there is almost nowhere this vehicle wont go. There are some places you should not drive, for everywhere else there is a Game Changer!

Villager 6

Carryall 510/710

  • Payload. Total Vehicle Capacity of up to 1250 lb.
  • Street legal. Carryall LSVs can be driven on streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less in almost all states. Check state and local laws.
  • Green. Reduce your carbon footprint and cut fuel costs with this sturdy electric vehicle.
  • Safety-equipped. Carryall LSVs come with all required safety equipment: headlights, tail lights, turn signals, 3-point safety belts, hip restraints and more.

Cafe Express Hospitality Cart


The street-legal Villager 2 Low-Speed Vehicle operates quietly and is perfect for driving to your neighborhood golf course, picking up take out at your favorite restaurant or zipping to the gym for a workout. Choose the optional cargo box and you'll have enough room to carry a week's worth of groceries or to haul your dog to the park for a walk.


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